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October 29, 2011

Metallica at Palace Grounds,Bangalore

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It took them 30 years to reach the Indian subcontinent. Most of the people attending the show were not even as old as the wait. The most successful and the most popular heavy metal band of all time, Metallica was going to make its debut on Indian soil on the 28th of October 2011. When the D-day arrived, it wasn’t without its share of hiccups. The much-awaited Gurgaon show was cancelled at the last minute which resulted in a massive riot at the venue, the damage of expensive equipment and most importantly, the disappointment of thousands of fans who hoped to catch a glimpse of their favourite band. Yet, fans from Bangalore were desperately hoping…


I was backstage with Amit Heri and his band and he told me that he was a little disappointed with the poor turnout at the concert. He said, (and rightly so) that any band feeds off the energy of the crowd when they’re performing. Unfortunately, the Bangalore International Arts Festival was an event that suffered from a distinct lack of advertising which reflected in the sparse crowd at this particular event. Despite having some big-name sponsors and a few acclaimed acts perform, the organizers of BIAF did not update their website, which carried the 2010 schedule until a week prior to the start of the festival. Nevertheless, a small crowd consisting largely of UB City…


      Prejudices are a bitch. Social media invariably works on these prejudices as people tweet proclaiming their love and hate for various things. Sometimes people’s opinions on movies, music etc. tend to be formed before they have experienced it, solely based on other folks’ reactions to the same. I must admit to not having followed Coke Studio India solely based on the bad press it was getting in the online world (which admittedly is not a very critic-y thing to do). I loved whatever little of Coke Studio Pakistan that I’d seen on YouTube but somehow never got myself to watch Coke Studio India. This meant that i was heading to the mini-cert…

May 5, 2011

Chilly Potato at The Kyra Theatre, Bangalore

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      I have a confession to make. I’m a Manchester United fan. How is this arbitrary piece of information relevant you ask? Well, I walked into the Chilly Potato gig at Kyra, wearing my Manchester United jersey just  after having witnessed them lose possibly the most important game of the season to arch-rivals Arsenal. As depressing as that was, I was looking to the concert to cheer me up. During my college days Chilly Potato (CP) was one of those bands at whose shows you were guaranteed a fun time. The crowd that had gathered mainly consisted of friends and family. There was a sizeable WTS contingent there as well (Support the scene,…


Heavy metal in India is big. Heavy metal in Bangalore is big. Gone are the days when the washed-up classic rock act toured India to promote their new album that no one else would hear. Nowadays bands in their prime want to tour India. They see it as an opportunity to connect to a wider audience. They are surprised when they see 3000 plus Indian fans singing along at a show. This familiarity is of course due to the Internet. Even the most obscure bands have ardent followers here and since listening to non-pop International music is still fairly niche in India, these bands get sufficient word-of-mouth publicity. This phenomenon especially rings true for heavy…

November 11, 2010

Octoberfest – Day Two

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Due to a social obligation, I arrive late for Day 2 at the Octoberfest. I miss performances by Kryptos, Escher’s Knot, etc but I’m glad that I make it in time for Soulmate. I notice that the crowd is more voluminous than Day 1, possibly in anticipation of Lacuna Coil’s performance. Soulmate play a brilliant set as Tipriti mesmerizes the crowd with her soulful (easy pun, that) voice. Rudy Wallang on guitars is bluesy as ever and the band put up a superb show. The majority of the crowd are having a gala time with their beer and their Foam Dome hats. De Profundis are announced as the next band. They were sphincter-clenchingly bad at…

November 2, 2010

Octoberfest – Day One

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I am annoyed with the organizers of Octoberfest 2010. Here is this glorious opportunity to call a musical event ‘Rocktober’ and they passed it up. This sort of chance comes only once a year! The Great Indian Octoberfest is an annual 3 day event that happens in Bangalore with loads of music, beer and entertainment. I am quite quite kicked about this year’s edition as the bandlist is very impressive. I walk in on Saturday to find the meanest, most bad-ass 3 man moshpit I’ve ever seen. Theorized are the first band on stage and the crowd hasn’t come in yet. Vocalist Madhav vanishes from the stage to join the mosh which brings the total…

August 21, 2010

Freedom Jam (No Bread)

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Freedom Jam is an annual gig held every year on August 15th to commemorate Independence Day. The first edition was way back in 1997 at Ravindra Kalakshetra but the location was shifted to The Club soon after. The legendary all-night concerts at The Club popularized this free gig but sadly its popularity diminished after the live music ban. The 2009 edition recorded one of its lowest ever turnouts thanks to it being held in some far flung location in Hebbal(No Bread). After last year’s damp squib, the organizers decided to change the format around by having genre-specific gigs at various locations. A reasonably good move, I thought, because no self respecting metalhead will want to…

July 22, 2010

Going Nowhere by Lounge Piranha

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Lounge Piranha has this odd reputation of being a ‘chicks dig it’ band. Admittedly they do have a cult following that religiously attends all their gigs but a large chunk of said cult happen to be women (This is not to say that women don’t attend local gigs but the numbers at a LP gig are significantly higher.) It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason for this. A couple of girls i know have sworn they’ve attended LP gigs just to ogle at lead singer Abhijeet Tambe! But i think the chief reason for this anomaly is LP’s brand of accessible yet quirky rock coupled with their visual imagery, which has resonated with female fans…