Shantanu ?Pandit ?To ?Release ?Debut ?EP? ‘Skunk In The Cellar’

Delhi-based singer/songwriter Shantanu ?Pandit will be releasing his first EP titled ‘Skunk In The Cellar’? on 18th June 2014. The EP is a collection of five love songs and is a result of three years of songwriting. Shantanu ?describes ?his ?sound ?as ?’quiet, ?organic, ?folk? music.’ and says, ?”It ?was? only? natural? for ?me? to? find? myself ?making? folk music,?since ?the ?only ?things really ?working ?for ?me? are ?the ?words ?that ?I ?write, ?and ?the ?way ?they ?sound ?when ?they’re ?sung.”

Known? for? his? soulful? voice,? poetic? lyrics? and? captivating? performances,? Shantanu? has? made? a? distinct? presence? in? the? independent ?music ?scene ?over ?the ?last ?few ?years and has ?performed on several ?stages ?such ?as ?The ?NH7 ?Weekender,?THINK!? Conference, Live ?From?The? Console? (LFTC),?Ragasthan,? Windsong ?and? The ?Great ?Indian ?Octoberfest.

When asked about the apparent delay in the release of his debut EP, Shantanu explains “?The ?delay ?in ?this ?release ?is ?probably ?because ?of ?my ?uncanny ?ability ?to ?shoot ?down ?every ?song? I ?write ?after ?a ?couple of months ?of ?playing ?them. ?However,? for ?the ?first ?time ?since ?the ?start, ?I ?find ?myself? in ?a ?position ?where ?I ?have ?five ?songs ?that I ?truly ?believe ?are ?worthy ?of ?being ?released.”

Skunk In The? Cellar will be available? 18th ?June ?2014? onwards on? ITunes, ?OK ?Listen ?and ?other ?digital ?platforms.? For more details visit ?

To celebrate the ?release, ?a? free? download? of ‘?Wickets ?For ?Walls,’ ?a ?single ?from? the? upcoming? EP, has been made available on ?



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