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"Any niche art form is a collection of struggling performers and I fully support an initiative like WTS that provides support to them"

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"What's The Scene? has already established itself as a very conscious Indie underground brand and in the future it may even become global."

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"What's The Scene is more than just a grand identity - it is a positive symptom"

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"What's The Scene is like a reflection of what's going on in the music scene and that's what I like about you guys - the fact that its all about what's happening - What's The Scene?"

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"What's The Scene? has put in a lot of effort into visual documentation of the music scene and has taken thoughtful, well-executed photographs of gigs."

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Anand Ahuja (bhane.) & Anant Ahuja (MadStarBase) at Follow The Skull, Delhi

  • Date / Time: 05/29/2014 : PM
  • Location: Follow The Skull
  • Address: Follow The Skull, Hauz Khas Village,New Delhi,India
Delhi boasts of a vibrant and rich creative sector, with more and more interesting businesses and projects popping up all over the place. We are part of an incredibly interesting community and should all be making the most of this very nascent phase that we are in.

The concept for Conference was inspired by similar nights that we used to attend in London and Reji’s popular Mixtape in Bombay but more than that, it is born out of a curiosity to place people we know from a variety of creative backgrounds, behind the decks and listen to the sounds that they like.

By selecting individuals from a range of creative disciplines they’re hoping to create a weekly event where people come to show support for their peers and see what happens after a glass of wine/beer or 2. They also want it to become an informal way to bring a variety of different groups from the Delhi scene together.

They’re talking artists, designers, writers, creative agencies, cooks, journalists, musicians, promoters.

Now in their 9th edition they’re very excited to invite brothers Anand Ahuja (bhane.) and Anant Ahuja aka MadStarBase. This will be Anand’s debut set and we’re looking forward to seeing what the brothers will will bring to the dance floor.


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