As We Keep Searching, Far Fetched & Grey Matter at BFlat, Bangalore

  • Date / Time: 08/08/2015 : 8:30 PM
  • Location: The BFlat Bar
  • Address: The BFlat Bar, Indiranagar,Bangalore,Karnataka,India
  • Entry: Rs. 500/- (Entry Rs. 350/- + Rs 150/- Redeemable cover)

It’s just been an year since Ahmedabad’s aswekeepsearching burst on the scene with its very refreshing sound. Fresh off their hugely successful “2 STROKES” tour, the band plays with the assurance and deftness of an accomplished veteran act. Hard working and quite plainly loving every single second, they are now set to shake up the charts with a feverishly anticipated debut album.
The audience can expect to hear a lot of new material from the upcoming album, not performed anywhere to date! aswekeepsearching will be supported by local bands Grey Matter , who Launch their new EP – “HOOKED” this evening – and Far Fetch’d, a talented post rock/ambient instrumental trio.


The sound of Ahmedabad band, aswekeepsearching, can be characterised by languid ripples building up to powerful sonic waves with even the human voice used as a texture. Hard working and quite plainly loving every single second, the band are now set to shake up charts with a feverishly anticipated debut album, a euphoric widescreen classic of epic-post rock proportions. From their image, to their music, to their lyrics, everything slots together with deft precision. They should be on your ‘one to see’ list.

AWKS is: Uddipan – guitars/vocals, Shubham – guitars/keyboard, Bob – bass & Gautam – drums
Grey Matter launch their new EP “HOOKED” at BFlat this evening. Their sound is described as a high energy alternative hard funk with lot of hard rock influences.

Grey Matter is: Joshua – vocals, Himanshu – guitars/keyboard, Aditya – guitars, Abhishek – bass, Ashwin – Drums

Farfetch’d is a post-rock/ambient Trio from Bangalore, that began as a bedroom studio project. This 3 piece band works a simple blend of progressive guitar melodies, looping and ambient shoe gaze touches, which result in luscious sounds that both soothe and inspire. Groovy bass lines, trippy visuals and a tight rhythm section, make this band worth a listen. The Band is heavily influenced by post-rock giants such as Tides from Nebula, sleepmakeswaves and Explosions in the Sky.

Farfetch’d is: Akash Murthy – Guitar, Siddharth S – Bass Vinall Blaze -Drums.