Beat Salad feat. Burudu (Live Set) + Saral B2B Sharan at Boveda, Mumbai

  • Date / Time: 03/12/2015 : 9:00 PM
  • Location: Boveda
  • Address: Boveda, Veer Desai Industrial Estate, Andheri,Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
  • Entry: Free

The mission behind Beat Salad is simple, to open up doors for creativity and experimentation. To create a space where artists from different backgrounds, covering a wide spectrum of music, come together to create unique sounds and experiences. A ‘salad’ is a dish that involves a range of flavours, colours and textures. It has ‘freshness’ as a core ethos to it’s experience. We aim to do the same with music, by bringing together a wide range of sounds from different spectrums under one roof to create a ‘fresh’ and unique experience for the listener. Its a concoction, an amalgamation of sounds. We’d groove to it, and we know you’d love it too. So bring yourself in, and enjoy the vibe. Its imaginative, groovy, overthrown with beat and rhythm. Live and love music!

Nakul and Sahil began working together in 2012 under the name Burudu. It was incited by the idea of fusing what inspires them, and combining their different approaches to music. Their music gradually evolved into a unique sound, mating fat grooves with dissonance and ambiences in the atmosphere.
While in London the two began pushing their music through local independent labels, and since then Burudu has released several Singles and a 4-track EP. Many future releases await the duo as they constantly hone their sounds, making grooves and pretty noises.

Saral, for more than anything else, plays for the medley of emotions that music inspires, the stories beautifully concealed in each track. He absolutely loves the way music plays with his mind, the way a beat can make him smile or a beautiful transition can make him jump with joy. And this is reflected in the sets he plays. Each time he plays a set, he is looking to fly and his listeners, without disappointment, tend to find themselves near the clouds he’s scaling.

Known for his eclectic taste in music, a Bombay based DJ/producer, Sharan has always been true to his roots and played music that moves you as much as it makes you move. Moving across a varied soundscape from ambient and easy vibes consisting of jazz, electro swing, trip – hop to deep house and organic house. His music is heavily influenced by the likes of Bonobo, Nicolas Jaar, Dusky & Paris Stelar amongst many others.