Blend no. 3220 at Swig, Pune

  • Date / Time: 07/24/2013 : 9:00 PM
  • Location: Swig Bar and Eatery
  • Address: Prems Restaurant, Koregaon Park, Opp Lane 3,Pune,Maharashtra,India
  • Organizer: Swig

Blend No.3220 – a collaboration between some of the craziest and wildest musicians out there…

A touch of classic Blues with a Sexy Bite… These guys simply mess with your mind!

Imagine wailing Slide Guitars – Jazzy Bass Lines – Mind Blowing Solos – Blues Freaking Harmonicas – Super Groovy Beats… All built around impromptu and Real Dirty Lyrics!

Yeah baby… These guys leave you Bruised, Battered and most importantly, Blue!

The Line Up:

Arnob Choudhuri (Vocals, Guitar, Harp, Piano):

A seasoned performer who is known for his spontaneity, Arnob believes in reaching out to people and has been doing so for over a decade. As a musician Arnob loves pushing himself over boundaries and reinventing his performances, every single time. A multi instrumentalist and the main songwriter for Blend, he believes in writing and performing music that connects people together.

Pratyush Pillai (Guitar):
His influences range from the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Steve Vai to the brutal sounds of Dream Theatre’s Petrucci and Pantera’s Dimebag! The process of creating music and then performing it in front of an audience, for him, is a spiritually elevating experience… and his motto in life is… if it’s not straight from the heart… it’s not worth it!

Keshav Iyengar (Bass):
Keshav is among the few bassists who can be melodious and groovy at the same time. Astudent of Economics by day, he is also a part of other established bands across various genres in addition to being a sought after sessions musician. Being under the spotlight from an early age
as a participant of a well known reality show, he adds a parallel dimension to the sound of the band.

Sumair Zubairy (Skins):
Sumair has been playing for a number of years now. He has shared the stage with different artists from all over the country. Grooving to music of different styles is what Sumair aims at. Influenced by all kinds of genres and is very open to experimental music.