Blue Breakfast at Sunny Side Up, Gurgaon

  • Location: Sunny Side Up
  • Address: One World College of Music, DLF Phase 4,Gurgaon,Haryana,India
  • Entry: Rs. 100
  • Phone: +91 8800 699744

As part of the launch of Sunny Side Up (the roof top cafe at One World College of Music) – OWCM launches Lazy Sunday Afternoon Sessions. The first one would feature the Jazz-Folk band – Blue Breakfast.

The opening act is a play by The Theatre Lab.

In 2008, the band was formed as an instrumental trio comprising Gaurav Chintamani on electric guitar, Abhishek Mangla on Electric Bass and Adhiraj Mustafi playing Drums. Aside from a few performances in the Delhi pub circuit, the band notably performed at the Sundance Festival in Nepal and went on to play a series of shows in Kathmandu. (Gaurav Chintamani is a Producer, Sound & Recording Engineer, independent Guitarist and permanent bass player for the band “Advaita”. Abhishek Mangla is an Independent Bass Player who has played for numerous bands including Bandish, Parikrama, Drift, MAP and Level 9, to name only a few.)

Shortly after, bass player Sidhant Vikrant Singh Mathur replaced Abhishek Mangla, who was busy with other professional projects. This new line-up saw the band move more into the jazz-rock-fusion space through a series of shows within India, including at the NDTV Greenathon in 2009. This was also the line-up with which the band started off on a recording project that was eventually abandoned due to time pressures and changes in direction among the members. (Sidhant Mathur is a Producer, Sound & Recording Engineer and Independent Sessions Bass player who has played with bands such as Radius, Level 9, Moonshine and founder of the band “Jolt”.)

The third line up presented a more subtle jazz-based sound comprising Pranai Gurung on Electric Guitars, Abhishek Mangla on Bass and Adhiraj Mustafi continuing to play Drums. Most performances were centered around pubs in New Delhi, where the band was now beginning to get more headlining slots on the back of instrumental tunes written by all three members of the band. The band was especially honoured to have shared the stage with acclaimed American Jazz Saxophonist, the late Noah Howard, and good friend and funk drummer Antonio “Pax” Alvarez from Spain. It was also during this time that the band was introduced to the accomplished sitar player, Hindol Deb, whose fusion projects in Europe have won him international recognition.

The band had a period of dormancy in 2011, the result of Abhishek’s departure to the Netherlands for further study, Pranai’s duties with popular Jazz Band – Drift, and Adhiraj’s preoccupations with Jolt, (a Live Electronica project) and establishing a music school in Gurgaon. Blue Breakfast’s final live appearance as an instrumental jazz-fusion outfit was in 2012 at Zorba in New Delhi, with Bass guitarist par excellence, Jigmee Dorjee Sherpa from Darjeeling, masterful Guitarist Sahadev Lama also from Darjeeling, experimental Keyboardist Manas Baruah from Assam and Adhiraj Mustafi on Drums.

In October 2012 the band made the shift to being a vocal / song based outfit, which led them all to where they are today.

Theatre Lab: The World Outside a box: A short play written and directed by The Theatre Lab in collaboration with Anant Dayal. The play questions the conformist life society expects us to lead.