Char So Bees :: Infinity, Kolkata

  • Date / Time: 09/01/2013 : 4:20 PM
  • Address: 6 Hungerford Street,Kolkata,West Bengal,India

Calling all 420 space cadets! Come one come all, to the final 420…its going to be out of this world!

All things come full circle, and so does this – so they’re going all out ! 10 events, 150 bands and 60 stalls later, we’ve arrived at exactly where they started.

COME GET YOUR FREEBIES! Finger lasers, Stickers, Badges.This is last ever 420 so don’t miss it.

Here are 4 of 6 acts that we’ve got lined up for you:

The Suitables – They bring you the energy of rock, a whole lotta soul and come home to the blues. Dont forget to wear your hat as The Suitables brings you some good old rock n roll.

Underground Authority (India) – This bands need no intro – from their formative years on Indias got talent to being one of Cal’s most massive hard rock acts – they describe their music as Protest Poetry, and you wont forget it.

Feyago – Producer, songwriter and rapper – Feyago is the only hiphop act we’ve got churning out such sick tunes this side of the country. Hailing from Birmingham, Feyago brings us his beats and raps about love, life and making it big.

Guess the last 2 bands?They have a surprise act coming your way…