CounterCulture Indie March feat. Parvaaz, Skrat and more at CounterCulture, Bangalore

  • Date / Time: 03/22/2014 : 6:00 PM
  • Location: CounterCulture
  • Address: # 2D2, 4th Cross Devasandra Industrial Estate,K.R. Puram,Bangalore,Karnataka,India
  • Entry: Rs. 500
  • Organizer: CounterCulture
  • Booking: Click Here

In 2013, CounterCulture curated a first-of-its-kind showcase of independent Indian musicians over a five-weekend lineup of the country`s finest. This year, the second edition of Indie March will be held over three weekends, with new artists, production and sets. These are both men and women creating a niche for alternative sound in a landscape of sameness, and we`ll be spending the month celebrating them.

Space Behind The yellow Room:
Space Behind The Yellow Room is a post rock band from Bangalore. The band consists of Shoumik Biswas (drums, vocals), Devasheesh Sharma (guitars), Nihar Apte (guitars, vocals) and Tushar Ganguly (bass).

Until We Last
Until We Last combines live instruments, atmospheric elements and a vast variety of different forms of music. Until We Last aims to revolutionize a post-rock movement in India and combine great music with a strong emotional performance live. The band`s sound is defined by many as something different and that it could lead to a much bigger fan base for the genre in India.

F 16`s
The F16`s are an Electro Indie band from Chennai, formed in August 2012. Their range of music varying many genres including eclectic indie, mad garage rock, a little bold alternative and electronica.

In an environment of predominantly metal music, this original-rock act got the crowd. The band took a short hiatus to explore their sound following the release of their first studio album called `Design`. The band reformed with a new sound and a new direction. So YOU the one reading this, Listen to their music. Watch them live and spread the Sound.

`Parvaaz`- is definitely an act to see live if you want to get merge into the lyrical beauty of some Urdu poetry while treating your ears with some mind blowing progressive rock. The band has been active in Bangalore since from 2010 and they are just one EP old. But with their power house live performances, the band has successfully managed to gather their followers within this short period of time.