CounterCulture Presents Pearl and Tuhin Mehta – Vinyl Nights

  • Date / Time: 09/28/2013 : 7 PM
  • Location: Counter Culture
  • Address: Counter Culture,? Whitefield Road, Bangalore,

Pearl’s love affair with the dance floor began almost a decade ago from the time she was an indefatigable clubber, traveling across the globe, forever in search of new sounds and that perfect clubbing experience.

In a country where house music was virtually non-existent, Pearl insisted on playing her sound and helped establish this style of music in a nascent scene which has now developed into a thriving one across the country. Pearl celebrates the era of vinyl and we go back to the age of analog. Pearl is joined with Tuhin Mehta. Tuhin Mehta belongs to the old school breed of DJs. With two decades of experience pioneering club-world in India, he’s a force to be reckoned with. He is someone who has immersed himself in the art of DJing from an extremely young age, where it was not just a forged career path, rather, a way of life. There is just no way you can pigeonhole Tuhin’s style… his sets are an energy packed blend of diverse genres – he adds a bit of everything just as long as it gets you dancing.