Credence and Nice Weather for Ducks at Lodi, Delhi

  • Date / Time: 07/26/2014 : 8:30 PM
  • Location: Lodi - The Garden Restaurant
  • Address: Lodi, The Garden Restaurant ,New Delhi,India

TGW presents, on a monsoon evening in Delhi, upstage and centre, musical capers by:

Nice Weather For Ducks
A six-piece experimental outfit from Delhi, that refreshes the genres and time signatures you’d know alike, to fuse and create something seldom heard before. We bet you’ll know exactly what they mean by nice weather when you hear them on the 26th!

A four-piece set-up from Delhi, again hell-bent on rolling out some sweet experimental tunes. Watch out for the side of magical musical fusion they serve their music with, it had us totally digging into their idea of ‘feel’!