Crossroads and Pipedreams at Hard Rock Cafe, Hyderabad

  • Date / Time: 07/17/2014 : 9:00 PM
  • Location: Hard Rock Cafe, Hyderabad
  • Address: Hard Rock Cafe, Hyderabad,GVK One, Road No.1, Banjara Hills,,Hyderabad,Telangana,India

Crossroads started in 2010 in Bangalore with the idea of keeping classic rock music alive. The Band consists of members from all across the country, the North East to Kerala, each bringing his own experience to make Crossroads’ sound more refined. The music of Crossroads is inspired by the great classic rock bands of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s which include Deep Purple, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd.

Tushar Kar
Santanu Bhuyan
Pradipto Ghosh
Juby Thomas
Prashant Singh
Vicky Mahanta

Pipedreams is a Hyderabad based musical duo who specialize in playing acoustic versions of popular songs of various genres and making them their own. They are known for their clean sound and use of multiple instruments like cajun, keyboard, electric and acoustic guitars and synthesizer effects all in the same show for various segments.

Jonathan Brainard.
David Calvin.