Da High Cookout feat. What Plough & Riddim Funktion at The High Spirits, Pune

  • Date / Time: 07/13/2014 : 2 PM
  • Location: The High Spirits Cafe
  • Address: The High Spirits Cafe, North Main Rd,Pune,Maharashtra,India

Riddim Funktion is a reggae funk quartet with an infectious energy and insane sense of groove and soul. Their sound has the beginnings of a Bob Marleyan wave of pure Rastafarian goodness combined with serious musical chops from years of playing on Cal circuit and collaborati0ns with Reggae, jazz and funk artists from around the world. A widely experimental project, they are constantly bringing in elements of dance, Dub, Electro, and collaborating with cutting edge vocalists, jazz instrumentalist and producers to create music that is juicy, and dripping with melodic hooks and deviously addictive Funk.

They are always pushing the envelope of stage performance by writing new music for each show and working out intricate covers with each new artist they work with.
What Plough? Began in 2012 in Pune, India as a four piece alt rock band with the sole purpose of creating new and fresh msic while putting out performances that brought crowds to life back from the dead. Having won multiple competitions, What Plough? has been on a perpetual rise to popularity amongst the Pune music circuit.