Dead J (China) + MMS (China) at Social Offline, Delhi

  • Date / Time: 03/27/2015 : 9:00 PM
  • Location: Social Offline
  • Address: Social Offline, Hauz Khas Village,Delhi,India
  • Entry: Free
Dead J

Dead J is the alias of Beijing-based artist Shao Yanpeng, a key figure and pioneer in the electronic music scene of China. As a leading sound designer for the Pavilion of Future / Shanghai EXPO 2010 and producer of award-winning albums, documentaries, theater and film sound tracks, Dead J is active as an international touring artist, with an eclectic live reputation. Featured on the Creators Project and Vice magazine, Dead J has been exploring the multiple curents of EDM and minimalist visual design for more than 10 years. He has been part of the original Sinotronics event at the Worldtronicfestival at HKW Berlin, curated by Beijing’s electronic music platform Metrowaves. Dead J is currently partnering with Berlin-based labels and a host of german filmakers and techno music producers in various projects of electronic arts, film and music.


MARKUS M SCHNEIDER, MMS is a german artist based in Beijing, a cross-disciplinary cultural producer, curator and designer. He has been an active part of Berlin’s electronic music and contemporary art scene and contributed towards hybrid and digital media works at festivals such as CTM – Berlin, SONAR – Barcelona, plus creative stints at the Golden Globes in Los Angeles and Universal Studios in Japan.

Markus M Schneider co-founded the Berlin/Beijing-based media design firm thismedia, realizing projects for architecture and temporary spaces in Europe, USA plus Asia and collaborating with architectural offices such as URBANUS (Shanghai EXPO 2010), MAD, OMA and Buero Ole Scheeren. He runs the Metrobags label and The Product Republic a Beijing-based showroom reflecting the intersections of creativity and consumerism.

Markus M Schneider is founder of Metroprojects, focusing on projects for cultural institutions, brands and cultural industries and Metrowaves, a platform dedicated to the promotion of electronic music culture in Greater China. With Metroprojects he developed the cross-disciplinary Audi Urban Electronics events in 2013 + 2014 in Beijing, with international headliners Monolake, Eno Henze & Pantha du Prince. With Metrowaves he realized the Mecon 2012 urban music culture conference with Goethe-Institut China and curated Sinotronics for the Worldtronics Festival 2012 at HKW, House of the Cultures of the World, Berlin, feat. Dead J, White+, Choi-Sai Ho & Duck Fight Goose.