• Date / Time: 09/29/2013 : 4:30 PM
  • Location: Ion Bar & Kitchen
  • Address: Ion Bar and Kitchen, Brigade Rd, Bangalore, KA ?,

Evilution 2
Uglier, heavier, louder.

Evilution is back, and this time the survival of the fittest has delivered six finely-honed metallic entities who raise up a chromosomal spew of pile-driving rhythms and uncompromising heaviness:

Ontologus Speedy, groovy prog-thrash, packed with fiery solos and complex riff maneuvers help this band evade predators and power ahead.

Orion : Complexity doesn’t preclude catchiness, as this progressive metal quintet from Mumbai demonstrate in a dazzling display of adaptation and mutation that defines natural selection.

Shepherd: Face-melting mid-tempo grooves and scorching solos; a relentless sludge attack that crawled out of the primal swamp in the year dot and isn’t going to stop.

Djinn & Miskatonic: Camouflage is a key survival strategy for this doom metal band, as they smuggle in deadly death-doom devices amidst their plodding slow-as-paint-drying traditionalist doom.

Fragarak: Comfortable in a variety of habitats, this Delhi-based prog metal outfit is the ultimate generalist, purveying melody, heaviness, delicacy and brutality, and doing it all equally well.

Threinody: From the tar pits of the 2000s, a fleet-footed yet massive thrash dinosaur emerges, roaring in triumph as it shows it still has what it takes to decimate all other life-forms in its path.