F.A.M JAM at The Daily, Mumbai

  • Date / Time: 03/27/2014 : 8:00 PM
  • Location: The Daily
  • Address: The Daily, Bandra,Mumbai,Maharashtra,India

Lineup : Castles in the SkyAlgoRhythmFuzzy Logic

The Daily is a friendly, happy, pocket friendly pub with a luxurious twist, with a focus on the Happy.
Imagine opening the newspaper and finding it riddled with good news. No scams, corruption or crimes; just world records, ground breaking feats, amazing achievements, and good deeds. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, we took that dream, threw in some spice, blended it with yummy-ness, and topped it off with little droplets of joy. And what we ended up with was The Daily – A place where you can enjoy a new piece of good news everyday, and cherish it with your friends over mouth-watering meals, exotic cocktails and delectable hors d’oeuvre!

Castles in the Sky (Pune)

Castles in The Sky are a lo-fi electronic act from Pune with a distinct sound and style of music. They released their debut EP – Fugu Fish in the start of 2013 and also some new material including the new single Burnim and some new mixes in the past few months.

Castles in the Sky is made up of Shubham Mehra and Angad Bharaj and now Arjun Rajkishore (live percussion), who also play DJ sets showcasing the various genres that have been an influence to their sound like ambient, dub, post-dub, UK garage, funk, grime and experimental.

Shubham Mehra will be representing Castles in the Sky.

AlgoRhythm (Mumbai)

A pot-pourri of fresh, eclectic, syncopated beats peppered with some funk. That’s what you can expect from Bombay’s resident next-door DJs Paloma and Varun.

Fresh off the boat and keen on experimentation, think 80’s style retro-funk, breakbot, justice, pretty lights et al as far as our choice of music is concerned. And for those of you who need something a little grungier to get your feet-tapping, finger-snapping groove on there’s always the promise of a little filthy dnb and some even filthier dubstep.

There’s no convoluted skill and high-flying egos over here. Just a duo with a simple music mantra – “We like their beats high and their bass down low.”

Fuzzy Logic (Mumbai)

Fuzzy Logic’s unique sound is inspired by encounters with strange and fascinating people. Having produced a cross-genre range of electronic music using quirky samples and familiar noise, Fuzzy Logic strives to be a collaborative venture seeking to make electronic music more “live” and more personal.

While preferring to steer clear of genre boundaries, his current sound could well fall into the category of bass music, influenced largely by UK garage artists such as Mount Kimbie, Disclosure and SBTRKT.

‘Fuzz’ began his musical adventure at the tender age of three, when gripped by an overwhelming urge to determine the mysterious source of music emanating from his father’s wall cabinet. A tremendous fall, (cushioned only by the thick tuft of fuzz on his head) rewired his neuro-impulses causing an undying love for music and a unique approach to sound that he likes to call Fuzzy Logic.

Having previously played for rock, funk and electronic outfits such as Galeej Gurus, Zebediah Plush and Tempo Tantrick, Fuzz currently performs with his alt rock band Slow Down Clown and his collaborative electro project Fuzzy Logic.

He lives and works in Mumbai as a music producer composing music for film and television.


Short flims curated by Indiearth

Filmmaker: Pramod Pati // 27 mins // Language: English // 1974// B&W
Genre: Bio, Music Documentary

From the archives, “Ravi Shankar” is a film portrait of the Sitar Maestro, depicting through a series of interviews and recitals his versatile personality as a well-known classical performer and a creative composer.

Filmmaker: Shazia Khan // 52 mins // Language: English (subtitles) // 2013
Genre: Art / Artists, Music Documentary, Spiritual

The Muslim mystics have always upheld a revered position across the country, particularly for their indispensable impact on various musical traditions in India. While traditionally the Muslim mystics are associated with Sufism, their cultural influence transcends all religious and geographical boundaries. The principles and values of finding god in oneself, a sentiment reverberated in prayers within Hinduism and Buddhism as well, provides an inter-religious umbilical cord to variation of hybrid sounds that continue to influence the mystic musical traditions across India.

More info & trailer: http://goo.gl/COchd4

Filmmaker: Ehsan Kabir // 30 mins // Language: English // 2013
Genre: Music Documentary

Folk Nations, organized by British Council, British Council Bangladesh, is an exciting programme aiming to bring together musicians, creative producers and practitioners from the UK and Bangladesh. The project is connecting musicians and practitioners in order to create a dialogue and provide the space to learn from each other’s culture and musical traditions, foster collaborative working and inspire the creation of new projects.

More info & Trailer: http://goo.gl/Y5kZkx

Live Art & Showcase by Ayaz Basrai

Ayaz will be showcasing an ongoing self- portraiture project called “The Dirty Old Man”. The Project is a life – Imitating – Art project, where Ayaz will be drawing himself portraits 30 years in the future.