First Day First Show feat. Thermal and a Quarter at Bflat Bar, Bangalore

  • Date / Time: 04/05/2014 : 8 PM
  • Location: B Flat Bar, Bangalore
  • Address: B Flat Bar, Indira Nagar,Bangalore,Karnataka,India

Thermal and a Quarter made a movie. Characteristically obtuse, it’s called “WFW / DFD”. It’s just over 30 minutes long, but it took them over six months to make.

It’s about artists, musicians and other mad people. It’s about triumph and tragedy and rebirth and resilience. It’s a story, it’s a song, it’s a statement.

And as the band says, “It’s not for kids, so don’t bring any along”.

They are screening this film for the first time ever, and playing a special gig alongside. The gig will feature some absolutely killer music and obscure songs by Blood Sweat & Tears, Dire Straits, Sting, Steely Dan, Gilbert O’Sullivan, John Scofield, Lounge Piranha, Zebediah Plush and TAAQ.

The gig will also feature sometime cohort Ramanan Chandramouli on guitar.