Freedom Blast 2013 at Westend Club, Goa

  • Date / Time: 08/15/2013 : 10:00 PM
  • Location: Westend Club
  • Address: North Goa,Goa,India
  • Entry: 2000
  • Organizer: Club Westend

The God of Victory is said to be ONE-handed, but PEACE gives
Victory on both sides.

As WE Seek PEACE, knowing that Peace is the Climate of

Lets Rejoice by Remembering & Respecting OUR Mother Earth on
Independence Day.

After A Successful FREEDOM Blast Last Year, Club West End is

Reloaded for another Freedom Blast ! ! ! 2o13

Lineup :

Didrapest (Planet Ben records,Is)
Claw ( Discovalley Records, Cy)
Neuromotor (Mandala Recs,FR)
Kanibal Holokaust (sr)
Groove Addict (Nano Recs,IN)
Hydropanic ( Discovalley Records, In)
flipknot ( Parvati Records, In)
Zhannet Goa ( Looney moon records, Ru)
Klim ( Beatroid recs,In)
Manoj (Westend Goa,In)
Highstyle ( Ritual Records, Sa)
Braindrop (Omveda records, In)
Boombaba ( Urban distortion , In)
Nitin (IN)
Audiogramme (Universal Dance Recs ,IN)
Sick (Biomechenical Recs ,SP)
Silence Projekt ( Phi Degrees, In)
Elektromind (Logicmind ,Por)
Karran ( Discovalley Records, In)
Labrats ( Digital shiva power records, In)
Pindrop (Party Animal, In)
Mad Monkey ( Digital Om Pro, In)
Nelio Oneyed ( Fr)
Terra Moto (Jellyfish Frequency recs,In)
Arsh (In)
Tetrachromacy (Ravelations,Dub)
Anita shanti (Artshanti/digital om pro ,Kaz)
CleanTone (In)
Axailes ( Fr)
Neeraj Psyboy (In)
Spacemoon (In)
Shy-O (Fr)
Jay Ramani (In)
Twizted mind (in)