Gig-A-Bite feat. Awesome 4some at Euriska, Pune

  • Date / Time: 03/28/2014 : 8:00 PM
  • Location: Euriska
  • Address: Koregaon Park,Pune,Maharashtra,India

Awesome 4Some is a versatile four-piece band who trace their roots to the music ghettos of a 70’s Bombay! With fantastic tributes and covers of CCR, The Everly Bros. – this is an evening you’ll want your table up, front and center-stage!

The Awesome 4Some – is a versatile four-piece band with a wide repertoire from the Beatles collection and diverse influences brought in together by experienced members who trace their roots to music ghettos of 70’s Bombay.

The band will feature Benny Soans on drums, Barry on Lead Guitar/Vocals, Dicky on Rhythm Guitar/Vocals, Desmond Taylor on Bass/Vocals, Benny Soans on Drums + Bertie will be joining them on Bass & Vocals of few tracks!

They are huge fans of the original legendary foursome and came together for their passion for the band. They have been a major draw in and out of Mumbai, including Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and other major cities of India.

While the band mostly does tribute gigs, they also get into other genres occasionally and play covers of bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Everly Bros, The Eagles, Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard and even Simon and Garfunkel among others. All the band members have a lot of years of experience behind them and are dedicated to the cause of music.

Bringing center stage to an intimate audience is legendary guitarist Barry, who has been playing with top bands in India, like The Savages, Alpha and Inner light to mention a few. His style reflects his undying passion for the Beatles.

Dicky was the Leader of a long standing popular music band in Bombay -The Beethoven’s. His high vocal range is a treat to the ears and easily blends with his love for the Beatles.

Desmond Taylor, an all round bassist, with a host of experience has the passion, and leads many a band. Loves Elvis, Cliff and the Shadows, the Beatles, Country.

Benny’s experience with the drums goes back to the retro jazz clubs of Bombay. He has drummed his way with artistes like Shubha Mudgal, and Ash Chandler to name a few besides jazz musicians like Noel Bothwic, Braz Gonsalves, D. Wood, Karl Peters etc.