Gig-a-Bite feat. Dilated Academy at Euriska, Pune

  • Date / Time: 11/15/2013 : 9:00 PM
  • Location: Euriska
  • Address: Koregaon Park Annexe,Pune,Maharashtra,India

This weekend, Gig-a-Bite brings you an extraordinary musical feat with a collaboration of Musicians hailing from Canada, Denmark and Israel creating some striking tunes under the name of Dilated Academy with sounds varying from Experimental R&B to Alternative & Neo Soul.

Current Line Up:
Kelvin Godson (Canada): Singer/Songwriter and Producer
Sophie Bystrup (Denmark): Singer and Keyboards
Or Epstein (Israel): Producer, Composer and Multi Instrumentalist

Artist Bio:

Dilated Academy or school of thoughts, is an idea which has no date of birth or nationality (and whether you know it or not you are a part of that idea). It’s life itself, life and experiences, experiences from communion between oneself and the environment.

It’s made up by all branches of art that suit the five senses; music, poetry, photography among’st others. The idea involves very experimental sounds, words and thoughts inspired self realization. Simply put, inspired by madness.

First Project released by the collective was a ten track free album titled the Dilated Academy Mix Tape, the album was uploaded 18th of August on SoundCloud. Produced by Kelvin Godson and Or Epstein. As Kelvin said “since this is our first project working together from different musical and cultural backgrounds, we decided to make an experimental album and see if Frankenstein will make the monster come alive”. This album consist of vocals, varied synthesizers, keyboards and piano riffs, live and electric drums, electric guitars and the use of MPC samplers. It also featured rappers, singers and poetry.