#GigMyThursday feat. Supermash at Vapour, Bangalore

  • Date / Time: 03/26/2015 : 9:00 PM
  • Location: Vapour Pub And Brewery
  • Address: Vapour, 100 Ft Rd, Indiranagar,Bangalore,Karnataka,India
SuperMash was formed when 5 seasoned musicians got together (all of whom belong to the erstwhile Bangalore rock scene) determined to make the best use of their skill, write some great tunes and blast them live.Although their music tastes and influences vary, they all are united by one common factor,- they were all born in the 80’s and love absolutely everything about that era. In 2014, minus the spandex tights, bright make up, heroin addictions & Tina Turner hair styles(that the drummer really digs) the band hopes to get some of this feel, blend it with some modern rock and give it a signature SuperMash sound.

With music influenced by bands like Whitesnake, Queen, Deep Purple, Van Halen, Dio, Dream Theatre, Petra and Def Leppard, you can come for a gig expecting some catchy upbeat tunes with powerful high pitched vocals, rock solid bass lines, powerhouse drumming, flamboyant guitar solos, all of this layered with a wall of keyboard/synth sound.

While the band’s focus is on writing and making their own music, they also pay tribute to some of the great acts and bands of yesterday, doing some of the songs that they’ve grown up listening to, which is sure to pull a nostalgic chord in all you classic rock lovers, and give their entire audience a good time.

True to their roots, the band will always preach the same message- Long live Rock n Roll!