Grey Shack at BFlat, Bangalore

  • Date / Time: 04/11/2014 : 9 PM
  • Location: B Flat Bar, Bangalore
  • Address: B Flat Bar, Indira Nagar,Bangalore,Karnataka,India

Grey Shack is a four piece hard rock act from Chennai that write their own music. Their music can be described as a mix of Rock n’ Roll, Grunge, Funk and Blues.

Formed in 2007, Grey Shack released their debut album titled ‘Step Outside’ in 2012. Step Outside is a rock n roll record,with bluesy overtones, a powerful rhythm section, strong vocals and harmonies.

Their front man Rohan Sen, is compelling to watch with his infectious energy and natural, quirky showmanship. Vikram Vivekanand , on lead guitars, is immensely talented and a much sought after musician in Chennai.

At the end of the day, the band’s music is characterised as good old rock n roll