Hang Massive & Dr.Quake at Blue Frog, Pune

  • Date / Time: 04/22/2016 : 9:00 PM
  • Location: The Blue Frog
  • Address: The Blue Frog, Ishanya Mall, Yerwada,Pune,Maharashtra,India
  • Entry: Rs 500 II 1000 full cover.

Hang Massive is a breakthrough act in the expanding world of hang based musicians. The Hang is a new instrument handmade in Switzerland since the year 2000. Only a small number of instruments have been made and for now they are very rare. With almost 30 million views on YouTube, an amazing new studio album and lots of exciting new projects on the go, Hang Massive have established themselves as the worlds leading hang duo and promise to deliver many original and unique works in the future.

Danny Cudd and Markus Offbeat have been playing together as a duo since the summer of 2010 and since then have performed all over the world. They have gained recognition globally, captivating their audiences with their unique and entertaining performances. Hang Massive are now on a Global tour and performing at many interesting and varied venues and events. Their unique style of music and more recent fusion with electronic production has further set Hang Massive into a world and genre of their own.

Hang Massive have just released their first studio album entitled ‘Distant Light’. The album sees the duo collaborate with vocalist and Hang player Victoria Grebezs and producer Morgan Davenport. ‘Distant Light’ features the unique sounds of the Hang, recorded in hyper HD and then fused with lush vocals, live strings, drums, bass and World-class sound design. The album is experimental, featuring catchy instrumental pieces like ’Nomadness’ alongside mesmerising vocal-led tracks like ‘Upon The Star’. The music is a perfect blend of new audio explorations and the original style which they have become known for.

Closing set by Dr.Quake

DR.QUAKE a.k.a Ameya Bhanushali is a 20 year old Drum&Bass DJ-Producer. He is studying music production from one of world’s best school for dub sounds, DUBSPOT, New York along with True School of Music. Dr.Quake has already played at the prestigious Palm Expo in Mumbai where he did a special showcase set! He recently opened for International Canadian artist FRASE(Hip-Hop/Soul/DnB) at Bonobo,Mumbai for Krunk and Urban beat project.

He also played in the first edition of The Secret Garden Weekend in Pune which featured artists like Orbs & Zen, Sherrin Varghese, Trip Shot Crew, Nanok and Bombay Bassment to name a few. Dr.Quake’s set for the Sunburn Goa DJ competition finished 7th out of 100+ sets in the competition and was the only Hardstyle set present in the contest. He has also opened for one of the biggest bass acts in India BBC (BAY BEAT COLLECTIVE – Sohail Arora (Krunk/Basscamp festival) and Kris correya) and also for one of India’s best Dubstep and Drum&Bass artist, Sound Avtar at Local Passenger,Mumbai along with gigs for Slick, where he played for the Mumbai city finals along with Zaeden. He also played at one of the Biggest Sundowners in Mumbai recently and his live set was given a positive feedback by Many DJs and Online Music portals. He has also opened for one of the biggest DJ’s in Mumbai DJ REJI/REJISTRY at the Little door in Mumbai. He was poised to play at The Grub Fest in Delhi for the Bangin Beats Showcase which was headlined by NUCLEYA but due to health concerns was not able to play. He recently did a tribute set to NoiseControllers and Bassmodulators for the people at EVC which was on the 25th position in the Worldwide Hardstyle charts on Mixcloud!

Dr.Quake has a very unique and Meldodic Drum&Bass sound which is rare for an Indian DnB artist and always takes the crowd on a journey through his harmonic mixing skills which compliments his sound. Dr.Quake is a also a jungle conniseur and always mixes it up with Jungle/Ragga Jungle tracks during his sets. Be it at the Starting of the night, a early Sundowner or ending the night off with his Liquid Bangers, Dr.Quake is a specialist in setting the perfect tome for that point of the night.