Jamsteady at Princeton Club

  • Date / Time: 09/27/2013 : 8:30 PM
  • Location: The Princeton Club
  • Address: opposite Navina Cinema,Prince Anwar Shah Road,Kolkata,West Bengal,India
  • Entry: 100/-

TROUBLESHOOTER aka Arnab Mukherjee is an electronic producer and singer-songwriter from Kolkata.He will be collaborating with Rohan for a brand new audio/visual set.

WRITE IN STEREO is an indie dance band from Kolkata. Their music is fresh, groovy and a lot of fun. You can bob your head, shake your leg and other appendages to their tunes. You might find it hard to stop once you start. They have been playing sets all over the city this past year and people tend to happily lose weight at their gigs.

SMOKE SIGNAL has been sending funky clouds of bass up and over Calcutta’s musical skyline this past year to make contact with his previous Alien self. We don’t know if they’ll connect again but at least we on earth get to hear him bust out tasty breaks, analog & digital funk and some dank drum & bass.