Kanibal Holokaust at No Limmits, Bangalore

  • Date / Time: 03/28/2015 : 5:00 PM
  • Location: No Limmits
  • Address: No Limmits, Allied Grande Plaza, Magrath Road,Bangalore,Karnataka,India

The project Kanibal HolokausT arose at the end of 2003, from member, Nino Zlatic, who founded and part of Grotesque Records .Vision of the project is experimental dark trance with tinges of the horror sounds and dark atmospheres. Fast and slow bass lines in the bpm range of 150 – 180,gives an impression of the bizzare world creating. The project is identifiable with his personal style which is scary pads, hard acid sounds which slowly hitch to the noisy music sound. Un-explainable rhythm, strange speed changing,which he labour’d to transfer to people beauty of the dark and night sound. Its a combination of twisted, forest melody, night style and hard experimental psychedelical sound.