Krunk ft. OX7GEN, SickFlip, Zokhuma & Algorhythm at Boveda, Mumbai

  • Date / Time: 04/04/2014 : 10:00 PM
  • Location: Boveda
  • Address: New Link Road,Mumbai,Maharashtra,India


OX7GEN: There’s no innate skill involved in quality drum & bass production beyond a surge of all nighters and dying city lights. Mumbai based producer, OX7GEN (Aditya Ashok) gladly resided in the undertow, as a self taught producer & controller wizard with influences running deep – cue kingpins like Netsky, Danny Byrd and Logistics for the first wave; then expect a rising tide of original liquid/ambient drum & bass.

In a little over a year, Ashok has managed to make his presence felt by earning slots at nearly every major festival in the subcontinent. Right from the beaches of Goa’s SUNBURN festival to the hills of Naukuchital’s Escape Festival as well as Bacardi NH7 weekender, BASS Camp and many more. In the bargain, he’s ended up supporting some of the biggest names in the international bass music scene including London Elektricity, KOAN Sound, Concord Dawn, Dub Phizix & Nymfo to name a few.

What you can expect? High-energy, delightfully fluid sets, that seamlessly takes you through every emotion associated with bass heavy music. Every one of his sets is the result of meticulous planning, organic arrangements and above all—flawless execution. Every. Single. Time.

SICKFLIP: SICKFLIP is a bass heavy solo project brought to life by Sarvesh Shrivastava, 22 year old music producer and DJ from Bombay, India (Founder of the Drum&Bass collective – Mental Martians)

Musically, SICKFLIP ranges from bass heavy and chest rattling Glitch hop to deep experimental sounds. His music has an indefinable mix of calm & serene, happy, melodic vibes and atmospheres to contrasting heavy,face-melting, chest rattling, hectic sequences.

His styles are majorly influenced by artists like Bassnectar, Koan Sound, Nicolas Jaar, Trolley Snatcha, Tricky, Amon Tobin, Noisia and a lot more from the bass music arena worldwide.

Just in a span of 2 years SICKFLIP belted out releases of his music on record labels like Rub A Duck recordings (Netherlands) , Plain Dope records (UK) & Sony Music (India). The past year also saw him perform at India’s most essential electronic music festivals like Sunburn, Enchanted Valley Carnival & NH7 Weekender.

AlgoRhythm: A pot-pourri of fresh, eclectic, syncopated beats peppered with some funk. That’s what you can expect from Bombay’s resident next-door DJs Paloma and Varun.

Fresh off the boat and keen on experimentation, think 80’s style retro-funk, breakbot, justice, pretty lights et al as far as our choice of music is concerned. And for those of you who need something a little grungier to get your feet-tapping, finger-snapping groove on there’s always the promise of a little filthy dnb and some even filthier dubstep.

There’s no convoluted skill and high-flying egos over here. Just a duo with a simple music mantra – “We like their beats high and their bass down low.”

Zokhuma: There’s a brave new wave of alternative artists surging forth in the country; ones whose tunes make its point even with the bare minimum of moving parts and producer Zokhuma (Goddess Gagged guitarist Arman Menzies) just happens to be at the forefront of the tectonic shift.

Production wise, Zokhuma’s sound is a stark representative of the grime brigade–subtle, smooth, textured beats make up its skeletal framework even while a long history of great songwriting pays off in fleshing it out with riveting melodies.