Live Night with Kern Alston, Jayant Manchanda & Aveleon Giles Vaz at Revv Cafe

  • Date / Time: 07/31/2013 : 8:30 PM
  • Location: Revv Cafe
  • Address: Revv Cafe, M-22, Greater Kailash ,New Delhi,India
  • Entry: Free

The blues had a baby and they named it rock ‘n’ roll. Come over to meet the family this Wednesday night at Revv Cafe, New Delhi.

Kern’s expressive guitar playing has drawn the attention of many. He has been a part of bands that play latin, rock, country, fusion etc. Jayant is the groove machine that makes you wanna move. Together with drummer extraordinaire Aveleon’s ‘feel it in your chest’ style Jayant provides the rhythm section over which Kern can unleash himself. Catch them playing some good old blues and rock ‘n’ roll this wednesday night at Revv Cafe, Gk1 mkt, M block.

Kern Dalton
A rock ‘n’ roll kid at heart, Kern fell in love with the guitar at a young age and has shared a special bond with the instrument since. The spirit of music speaks to him in special ways and he likes to express what he hears and feels through his guitar and voice. He has performed with numerous bands and musicians in the Delhi music circuit and is now setting out on a new musical journey…one closer to his heart.

Jayant Manchanda
Jayant Manchanda started playing bass at the age of 18 and within a short time became a part of the Delhi music circuit. Jayant has been a regular face with a lot of bands including ‘Adil & Vasundhara’.

Aveleon Giles Vaz
Aveleon is one of the best rock drummers in Delhi. He started playing drums at a very young age and has been playing professionally for over a decade now. He has played with various bands like Five8, Artist Unlimited, Think Floyd, Plok.

Beer & Whisky @ Rs. 100/-