Maathukathe feat. Sarjapur Blues Band at IFA Office, Bangalore

  • Location: IFA Office
  • Address: RMV 2nd Stage,Bangalore,Karnataka,India

SBB isn’t a band in the strictest sense of the word, but a concept: of a creative space within which its members perform. It’s a space that allows its members to experiment with the structure of their music and a space that doesn’t fall apart when a member leaves (SBB has at various times been a three, four, and five member band). This band is nearly three decades old! Each member of the band is a working professional with independent interests and a musical career outside the band’s ambit; a distinction which forms the basis for SBB’s musical expression.

The band’s influences range from Blues, R&B, 60s and 70s Rock, Country, Western Classical and Reggae, to Light and Classical Indian music. They only play original music.

Please note that the seating is on first-come, first-serve basis.