Midland Sparks, Castles in the Sky at High Spirits, Pune

  • Date / Time: 07/25/2013 : 9:00 PM
  • Location: High Spirits
  • Address: High Spirits, Survey no 35a/1 Ghorpadi Gaon, Pune, Maharashtra 411001,Pune,Maharashtra,India
  • Organizer: High Spirits


Midland Sparks is a new electronica collaboration between Maitreya Rajurkar (one half of Pune bass weights TripShot Crew) and singer Meera Shenoy. Taking inspiration from a wide span of artistes, their sound reflects their openness to experimentation and goes into unexplored territories that are fueled with spaced out vocals, processed guitars and a computer. Of course, it’s easier to appreciate and understand when you see them live!

Castles in the Sky is an upcoming two piece lo-fi electronic act with a distinct sound and style of music. They released their debut EP titled ‘Fugu Fish’ earlier this year alongside some new material including their single ‘Burnim’ and other mixes. The act comprises of two talented 19-year-olds, Shubham Mehra and Angad Bharaj, who also play DJ sets showcasing the various genres that have been an influence to their sound like ambient, dub, post-dub, UK garage, funk, IDM, grime and experimental.