NH7 Partaython Day 1 at The High Spirits, Pune

  • Date / Time: 11/21/2014 : 1:30 PM
  • Location: The High Spirits
  • Address: The High Spirits, Koregaon Park,Pune,Maharashtra,India
The High Spirits have got a massive cookout on each day of the weekender, just so we can all start the party together! So come by at 2pm for the awesome Ankit Goel, after which we’ll head to the Weekender together in the Grallo bus!
And that’s not all, the Grallo bus is also bringing us back to High after the Weekender celebrations to continue our night with Half Step Down! It really doesn’t get any better, does it?
Ankit Goel: 
‘It’s all about the groove! I love drums and percussions, every element of a
drum rack has its own movement,” says Ankit. His music style stems from several influences originating across the world, including Vinayak^A, Dale Middleton, Audiotox & Watson, Hernan Cattaneo, D-Nox & Beckers and 16 Bit Lolitas.

Going for different grooves with the hats & percs, in addition toelectronic elements, Ankit adds a deep vibe to the back of each composition –something that distinguishes him from the other artists. Energetic drums and groovy bass lines, whilst deep and melodic, form rhythms you can relate to in your mind.

He enthuses, “I would say this kind of groove makes you think. It makes
you want to dance. You shut your eyes, butyou see a new world.”

Half Step Down:

Formed in 2005, HAlf Step Down began gigging in 2006 as essentially a rock ‘n’ roll band, though it would be more accurate to acknowledge their sound as a versatile mish-mash incorporating elements of the blues, alt-rock, funk, and reggae.

Consciously refusing to let themselves be fenced in by genres, they derive their sound from in?uences and inspirations ranging from Led Zeppelin, RHCP, and Dave Matthews to Rachmaninoff, Marley, and Django Reinhardt.

Over the years, HSD’s sound has changed into rock’n’ roll drenched with the blues with some reggae thrown in for good measure!

Finally, there’s an After Party at MIx with Big City Harmonics, Frame/Frame, Kaos & EZ Riser. Whoa.