Nikhil Chinapa at Olive Bistro, Pune

  • Date / Time: 09/12/2013 : 8:00 PM
  • Location: The Olive Bistro
  • Address: The Olive Bistro, 6 Bund Garden Road,Pune,Maharashtra,India

This Thursday will be the mother of all TGITs as The Olive Bistro, Pune proudly welcomes the ambassador for electronic beats and club culture in the country! The man who requires no introduction, Nikhil Chinapa will grace the Olive Bistro premises with his presence behind the console, dishing out the best of his collection in dance music.

MTV mascot, DJ, VJ, promoter, festival director, radio host, dance music fanatic: Nikhil Chinapa is all of these things and more. But underneath all the various avatars he’s worn in his career, Nikhil is one thing: a believer.  A believer that nothing brings people together like dance music.

Nikhil is well known in India as an ambassador for electronic beats and club culture. What many of his fans don’t know, however, is that Nikhil is constantly pushing India as a future dance music capital to some of the world’s most celebrated artists. In the last year alone, Nikhil has persuaded Fatboy Slim, Above & Beyond, Swedish House Mafia and Armin van Buuren to bring landmark events to Indian ears.

So cancel all plans this Thursday, head straight to your favourite weekly destination in town and experience the biggest TGIT bar night of the month only at the OLIVE BISTRO!