Nirmika & The Few Good Men at 3 Wise Monkeys, Mumbai

  • Date / Time: 09/12/2013 : 9:30 PM
  • Location: 3 Wise Monkeys
  • Address: 3 Wise Monkeys, Khar,Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
  • Entry: Rs. 300

When you have a song, you gotta sing it. That’s what singer-songwriter Nirmika Singh has been doing for a few years now. And now that there is a amazing bunch of ‘good men’ ganging up with her, the songs only get better. Think velvety vocals, think trippy music, think melodies that will surprisingly dance on your lips while you take a shower the morning after the gig, think lyrics that will surprise you with their simple profoundness-that’s Nirmika & The Few Good Men for you.

Don’t be surprised if the band gets you on adrenaline rush with one song and leaves you in a contemplative space with the next. But be surprised if they don’t make you happy, because that’s what they’re best at. With heavy strokes of pop-rock, jazz and reggae, their music might make you want to consider forgiving your crazy boss for his eccentricity or even convince you to take your lover for a walk on the beach. They like to look at the sunny side of the street.