Norig at Alliance Francaise de Bangalore

  • Date / Time: 09/06/2013 : 7:30 PM
  • Location: Alliance Francaise De Bangalore
  • Address: Alliance Francaise De Bangalore, Palace Road,Bangalore,Karnataka,India


Norig sings the soul of the Gypsies of Eastern Europe with all her heart. A young singer from Grenoble of Spanish origin, she fell in love with the music of the Gypsies of Eastern Europe. She took lessons in music with Martina Catella, a famous ethnomusicologist. She then began to diffuse the music of the great singers of Romania and the Balkans. In 2003, Norig met Tony Gatlif, famous filmmaker of Gypsy origin, and recorded the soundtrack of “Exiles” (Best director, 2004 Cannes Festival). The following year, she accompanied Kostovitza Orchestra, one of the orchestras from Romania, in different festivals. She is working hard to create a repertoire by transforming poems into music or incorporating the songs of Maria Tanase. This French songstress renders her songs intoxicated with love, pain & resistance. She is also into original compositions and her CD Ionela will be releasing in October .

Musicians accompanying Norig in her India tour in September : Mathias Levy (violin), Olivier Lorang (double bass) and Joris Viquesnel (guitar).