Orbs & Zen at The Daily, Mumbai

  • Date / Time: 07/31/2015 : 10:00 PM
  • Location: The Daily
  • Address: The Daily, S.V. Road, Bandra West,Mumbai,Maharashtra,India


In September of 2013, Nicky Ramnani and Ajay Makhija got together to play their first ever official gig by the name of ORBS & ZEN in the heart of one of the biggest and baddest cities in the world – Mumbai. The gig was the first of a bi-weekly affair at a then freshly born venue called The Daily, and one of many more to come in the country.
To understand Orbs & Zen you have to understand the forces that were stirring in India’s electronic music scene at that time. India was a bud ready to bloom. While many talented artists had already sprung in the country… there was a big and empty space that was waiting to be touched.
Orbs & Zen were born out of that space, a space that existed not only within the country but also within themselves. They were one of the few DJs who recognized it and decided to fill it through their passion and interest for the music they so lovingly devote themselves to – pure & lush deep house.

A year down the line and you could say that, musically, they grew as India grew. Noticed by one of Mumbai’s leading deep and underground properties – Regenerate – Orbs & Zen began playing opening slots for international majors such as Nils Hoffmann, TigerSkin, Daniel Steinberg, Purple Disco Machine, HNQO and Juliet Sikora among many others.

With the onset of 2015, Orbs & Zen became a solo project headed by Nicky. Still standing strong and more exciting than ever, Orbs & Zen became a major part of Mumbai’s deep electronic scene. His sound is primarily deep, smooth & surreal but unbound by genre orthodoxy.
The idea behind Orbs & Zen is to provide a wholesome experience to the audience by keeping a groovy base but not being afraid to dive into a variety of genres such as minimal, techno, deep tech and nu disco. With a wide range of venues under Nicky’s belt such as Blue Frog, Sitara Studios, Dome International, Olive, Boveda and Waters; Orbs & Zen has grown tremendously within little over a year.

His music continues to refresh itself with fresher sounds and never fails to stagnate. And so, it is not surprising that, just like the meaning behind Orbs & Zen, his music too is a free flowing and fluid but a mysterious bundle of energy. The end result: affectionate vibes, wide smiles and warm bodies!