Paban Das Paul at BFlat, Bangalore

  • Date / Time: 09/26/2014 : 9:00 PM
  • Location: The Bflat Bar
  • Address: The BFlat Bar, Indiranagar,Bangalore,Karnataka,India


Paban Das Baul – vocals, dubki, dotara, khamak
Mimlu Sen – presenter -bells- kartals, cymbals, ektara
Lew Hilt – Bass Guitar
Satish Sharma – Acoustic Guitar
Tanmoy Pan – percussion (cajon)

EARLY SET by Jataveda Banerjee – Vocals, Rhythm guitar, Keys | Nikhmal Gartaula – Nylon string guitar

Paban Das Baul – The renowned Baul singer is travelling to India from his home in France,on a concert tour. He is known for pioneering traditional Baul music of West Bengal on the international music scene and for establishing a unique and enigmatic genre of folk-fusion music. Having performed his music at world festivals across Europe, Paban presents a Baul-fusion set with traditional lyrics and music and modern rhythms infused with traditional percussion. His band comprises Paban’s wife Urmimala (Mimlu) Sen, who accompanies him with several instruments. Mimlu also will present Paban’s songs, translate extracts from them and tell a story or two; legendary bassist, Lew Hilt, Satish Sharma, a brilliant guitarist from Rajasthan, Tanmoy Pan, who is Paban’s student and a gifted cajon percussionist. Paban Das Baul has been singing with his incandescent voice, from the répertoire of the great Baul sages and mystic poets of Bengal, since his youth. He represents on stage at once the spontaneity of the Baul spirit as well as the epic struggle of man in search of himself. He sings and dances and accompanies himself with a panoply of instruments : the dotara, a five stringed lute, the dubki (tambourine) and the khamak (a plucking drum).

Mimlu Sen immersed herself profoundly in the culture of the Bauls in the villages of Bengal, unknown today even in India. In her eyes, the Bauls have a spiritual, féminine, and poetic way of life which is threatened today by religious bigotry. The Bauls represent a kind of metaphysical quest for humanity which is essential for the future survival of the planet. This is what she explores in her book The Honeygatherers, written after thirty years of travels and experiences between Bengal and France. A musician, storyteller, writer, Mimlu has performed along with Paban at several international festivals Through her French non-profit association called Luna she has successfully promoted the music of the Bauls of Bengal in Europe.

Jataveda Banerjee is a singer-songwriter and lead vocalist of Aghor – World Fusion Music band. She trained in Hindustani Classical music in Kolkata, her home town, since the age of 6. While pursuing her studies in Digital Animation and Film Making, she also explored the mediums of Jazz, Flamenco and Carnatic music, to add colour to her Hindustani repertoire. Her debut song “Badraa”, produced by the eminent music producer Ricky Kej has been included in various compilation albums “Communicative Art II”, “Relaxations de’ Ailleurs Inde”,”Mumbai Spirit”, “Asha Wali Dhoop”, “Indian Zen” etc. Jataveda’s band Aghor , feature on The Shiva Trilogy’s official album Vayuputras, ensconced comfortably between heavyweights such as Taufiq Qureshi, Palash Sen, Sonu Nigam and Bikram Ghosh.

Nikhmal Gartuala is an extremely talented guitarist/composer from Kathmandu. He has teamed up with Jataveda and the two are the backbone of Aghor. The Duo are currently working on their debut album – ‘Maya’. The Duo will present some Sufi numbers, classical ghazals and Jataveda’s own compositions.