North East Breeze + Pratigya ‘JIYAARA’ Album Launch at HRC Delhi

  • Date / Time: 08/08/2013 : 8:00 PM
  • Location: Hard Rock Cafe
  • Address: Hard Rock Cafe, DLF Place, Saket District Centre,New Delhi,India
  • Entry: Rs 500/- (Including Cover charge)
  • Email:

Join the music launch celebration of popular sufi rock band PRATIGYA. Enjoy their scintillating live performances and join the brigade to SUPPORT ARTISTS, SUPPORT MUSIC.


Language : Hindi
Genre : Sufi/Indi Pop

The band “Pratigya” insists creating an individualistic genre of Sufi/Indi rock in breaking music. Born out of diverse western pop/rock and Hindustani Classical influences, to give birth to a serious cutting-edge band, Blending deeply meditative ragas with rock and jazz.