Raja Ram + DJ Lucas at Pebble, Bangalore

  • Date / Time: 02/16/2014 : 5:00 PM
  • Location: Pebble
  • Address: Pebble, Palace Grounds,Bangalore,Karnataka,India
  • Organizer: Pebble
  • Phone: +91 9620647155 / +91 9916972302


RAJA RAM – Shpongle, 1200 Micrograms, The Zap, Cyberbabas, The Infinity Project, The Quintessence, Tip Records/ Tip World DJ. Tip World are purveyors of peak-time no-nonsense Psytrance. The soundtrack of the dancefloors from the world’s biggest global underground.
Tip started out as the band The Infinity Project (T.I.P.). In 1994, the members of the band Raja Ram and Graham Wood started Tip Records with Ian St Paul and Richard Bloor. It became Tip World in 1998 and was a partnership just between Raja Ram and Richard Bloor.

Tip have been true pioneers in the Psy Trance scene, putting on some legendary parties and releasing many classics of the genre. The list of artists released is a whose who of the scene. The objective has always been to release the latest and greatest tunes from the party circuit. The soundtrack of the peaktime party moments bought to people as quickly as possible with little regard for traditional marketing procedures.

The scene has exploded all around the world without relying on main stream media for support. While many other genres created in part by the media have long gone in a fast paced world of fashions and fads, the Psy Trance scene has developed globally. It is more of a lifestyle thing and has a culture to tap into. Very tribal. A true global underground!

DJ LUCAS – Lucas has been involved at the forefront of dance music since the early nineties playing techno at renown clubs such as The End, Heaven, Club UK and Fabric. His style of techno music was found to crossover with the sounds being played in Goa in the early 90s and it was this that led him to get an opportunity to play at one of the early, now legendary TIP parties.
These days Lucas is best known as a leading psy-trance dj representing Raja Ram’s label TIP records globally with his unique driving UK sound touring as far afield as Europe, Russia, US, South America, Middle East, Asia and Australia. In recent years he has also been on the road with the Twisted records crew as the main dj for their ‘Twistival’ events and the Shpongle live concerts.
Known for his masterful mixing and excellent musical taste, he has become a firm favourite in clubs and festivals worldwide.

As a producer, Lucas has also been busy… he has collaborated with many top artists (including Eat Static, Raja Ram, Hallucinogen, Dickster, Tristan and Avalon). His debut album ‘God Save The Machine’ was released on TIP records in 2005 and was met with rave reviews. Lucas released his second album in 2010 entitled ‘Tales of Heads’ – once again working with a top selection of the UK’s best producers. As well as his solo project, he has a band called ‘Sybarite’ with Ric Featherstone (Dragon/Tongue and Groove) an eminent producer of film and TV music. Catch him on tour this year for a proper stomp on the dancefloor!