Sandunes ‘Ever Bridge’ LP Launch with Moniker at Cafe Out of The Box, Delhi

  • Date / Time: 10/12/2013 : 9:00 PM
  • Location: Cafe Out Of The Box
  • Address: Cafe Out Of The Box, Hauz Khas,New Delhi,India

Sandunes is the full time electronic music project of Sanaya Ardeshir – Mumbai based producer, composer and synth player. From early influences in jazz and blues, to a defining stint with London underground sounds, her music has grown to blend various organic and electronic elements into a hybrid zone that lies somewhere between dance and electronica – tying in with a unique South Asian meets UK garage feel.

Easier described outside the genre-box, Sandunes’ live set, incorporating a range of controllers and live input has been performed in several cities across India.Her live act portrays a unique studio-meets-stage concept with a dance driven approach.

Sandunes’ debut LP ‘Ever Bridge’ has been in the making for over 9 months and as Sanaya Ardeshir puts it, it is “a reflection of what I’ve been going through personally and professionally over the course of the year”. “Since this is my debut album, I’ve tried to take on a very conceptual approach for the production, composition and all my other creative processes involved. The album is called ‘Ever Bridge’ and implies the melting of boundaries and connection of spaces, places, people and mediums, as a process that is never ending. I guess the root concepts behind my music here are connecting gaps (or bridging them) as a factor inducing creativity/growth,” says Sanaya.

Support comes from the ever-consistent Moniker.