Seed Of Changes at Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore

  • Date / Time: 07/10/2014 : 8:00 PM
  • Location: Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore
  • Address: Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore,40, St Marks Road, ,Bangalore,Karnataka,India

An idea doesn’t die… it grows when it meets ripe minds helping them grow, or it just stays waiting to be found. ‘Seed of Changes’ represents an idea which finds expression through their music.The band started somewhere in 2009 with founding member Arnav Borg. The line-up was complete when writer Prabigya joined the band in 2011.The idea was to create music that relates to the daily life of common man and the struggles he has to face. The music revolves around rock but incorporates elements from various other styles, blended and bested to define the band.
Band Members:
Arnav Borg
Chiranjib Debberma
Prabigya Bharati
Kelvin Malakar