Skazi + Neuromotor at Blue Frog, Delhi

  • Date / Time: 09/06/2013 : 10:30 PM
  • Location: The Blue Frog
  • Address: The Kila, Seven Style Mile,New Delhi,India

Three artist albums, five compilations, numerous compilations & thousands of shows around the globe in the past 10 years placed Skazi at the top of the league of the worldwide Electronic music scene. Five years since Skazi’s last studio album, he’s back with a stunning studio album released & marketed worldwide through Hommega and returning to India this September for an India tour! Skazi is an Israeli act, producing a unique style of Trance music since 1998.

His first album “Animal”, released in September 2000 was revolutionary in its sound & direction. Coming from a punk & hardcore band, Skazi brought a new & innovative twist to the Trance scene, combining electronic with live guitar riffs & storming sounds that back than were considered unorthodox compared to the global Trance movement that was more Goa oriented.

For over a decade Skazi has covered every corner of the globe with intensive touring, performing mainly at the big raves & festivals in front of tens of thousands of people in Japan, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, Germany, Greece, South Africa, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Australia, Russia, India, Spain, UK, Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary and so many countries that he keeps performing every year for the masses.

In 1982, after studying piano and violin at a Music Conservatory, he discovered a passion for DJing which lead him to form a Hip-Hop band for which he would compose and write songs.

In 1984, with the arrival of the first waves of New Beat and Acid House, he found his preferred musical direction and started collecting all the new music arriving from Detroit, Chicago, Germany and England. Some years later he began organising his first events for big clubs such as ‘Amnesia’ in St. Martin in the Caribbean Islands.

In 1995 he became the resident DJ at ‘Khumaras’ in Ibiza. At the end of that year he got into the studio to compose his first track and start his electronic music project around the Trance style called Neuromotor. Keeping Funk, Hip-Hop and Alternative Rock as influences, he created his own style becoming one of the Techno-Psychedelic pioneers.
In 1998 his first track ‘After Effect’, was released on vinyl and cd, by the label ‘Turbo-Trance Records’ and it became an essential hit of the genre. In the meantime many labels became interested in his project and signed up his first tracks.

Thus began his international career. After having played in Germany, Canada and Portugal, one of the major Techno-Psy Trance labels, ‘Acidance Records’, signed him up. Straight after his first concert for ‘Acidance Records’, Frederick released his first album, ‘Neurodamage. It was with this album that his career was launched.