Social Saturday ft. Twokid Wickid at Church Street Social, Bangalore

  • Date / Time: 06/06/2015 : 10:00 PM
  • Location: Church Street Social
  • Address: Church Street Social, Church Street,Bangalore,Karnataka,India

It’s Simple.

The theory of dance needs only music to complete the unfamiliar equation of the power of moving people.

Twokid Wickid, a performance of Achal Khanolkar and Prithvi Varadarajan, are melody maniacs that tame tempo tantrums and get you to groove and grind. Soulful syndications of beats that leave you in alternative planes of sub conscious reflections are a signature forte. Under the cover of night, they take over the consoles at clubs like Pebble, Sanctum, Blue Bar, 2102, City Bar, Ice, Sutra, Love Shack and many more. They had their festival breakthroughs in events such as VH1 Supersonic, Goa & Oktoberfest, Bangalore.

They hope to run into you at a musical rendezvous and join them in the deep discovery of ground breaking sounds.