Sound Space Fridays ft. Llewellyn Hilt at Fio, Delhi

  • Date / Time: 04/24/2015 : 10:00 PM
  • Location: FIO - Cookhouse & Bar
  • Address: FIO - Cookhouse & Bar, Epicuria, Nehru Place,New Delhi,India


Intrigued by the intricate patterns and layered harmonies found in genres such as funk, jazz & rock n roll. Lllewellyn is known for producing massively layered yet groovy deep house music. His music is essentially a blend of subtle chord progressions created with complex but soothing soundscapes and grooves that can make every nerve in your system shake the tempo.

As a DJ, he has performed at some of the leading venues in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata to name a few. His sets are a mix of experience & experiment. A master at the turntables,Llewellyn makes sure that his sets have a fair bit of Live sampling,mind boggling effects riding heavy duty sub-bass and slick grooves.His expression as a performer has lead him to share the stage with some highly appreciated artists such as Piatto Boom, Jinx, Jay Tech, Adam K, Neuro Motor and Domino from United We Dance, Ash Roy, Ashwin Mani Sharma, BLOT, Kohra along with many more.

Owing to his undying urge to experiment, Llewellyn recently got into serious production whorl, for which he would spend hours inside the studio just creating new sounds.He already has released tracks under label such as Wind Horse Records and Pure Substance with many more releases lined up in the near future.