Talamasca (France) at Blue Frog, Mumbai

  • Date / Time: 06/20/2014 : 10:30 PM
  • Location: The Blue Frog
  • Address: The Blue Frog, Mathuradas Mills compound,Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
  • Entry: Rs. 600 or Rs 1500 post 9pm.
  • Organizer: The Blue Frog
  • Phone: (+)91-22-61586158, (+)91-22-65251716, (+)91-22-65251718
  • Email: info@bluefrog.co.in, reservations@bluefrog.co.in

The psytrance scene not being as big in France as in other parts of the world prompted Talamasca, also known as DJ Lestat, to travel around the world.In 1996, he decided to create his own project, under the name Talamasca, and first released on an Israeli label called “Krembo Records”.

With the big success of his music, Talamasca was suddenly playing many more live acts than DJ sets and he began to be considered as one of the leaders of the international trance scene. He decided to create his own label in 1998 called 3D Vision, which became quickly one of the leading labels of this style of music.

Nowadays, Talamasca is one of the most requested live acts at all big festivals such as Full-Moon Festival, Samothraki or the Boom Festival in Europe, Eclipse, the biggest electronic festival in Canada, the Chemical Sound Festival in Rio, the Goa Sound Festival in Mexico, the Summer Arcade Fuji Festival in Japan, and many more.

Talamasca launched his new label in 2004. Called “Mind Control Records” based out of Paris. Talamasca has performed in Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Japan, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, United States of America, England, Austria, Australia, India, Taiwan, Italy, Morocco, Turkey, Belgium, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Cyprus, Russia, Hungary, and Argentina.

Talamasca released a double album in 2007, “OBSESSIVE DREAM”.