Tejas Menon & Drawing Short Straws at Baywatch Resort, Goa

  • Date / Time: 09/14/2013 : 8:00 PM
  • Location: Baywatch Resort
  • Address: Baywatch Resort, Sernabatim Beach Road, Colva,Goa,India
  • Entry: Free
  • Phone: +91 93235 90051, +91 98815 68756, +91 9892286666, +91 7350400655

TEJAS MENON – from Dubai, been in Pune since 2007 & now based in Bombay.
I have been writing my own original music since 2007. I had initially never written for any specific purpose, but for myself. The genre of the music I write is very simple acoustic pop rock with a bit of blues. I write about the real things in life like Cats, Aliens and Stationery. And girls. Always girls.

Drawing Short Straws is a three piece stoner prog/alt rock band from Pune. The trio consists of Sunai Marathe (guitars, vocals, keys), Shreyas Iyengar (drums, vocals, samples) and Siddharth Gupta (bass). The project began as the studio project of Sunai and Shreyas and it has transformed in to a live act, with Siddharth Gupta filling in on live bass duties. The trio are working on the release of their debut record.w