The goMAD Festival Day 3 at Fern Hills Palace, Ooty

  • Date / Time: 10/27/2013 : 10:00 AM
  • Location: Fernhills Royal Palace
  • Address: Fernhills Royal Palace,Ooty,Tamil Nadu,India
  • Entry: Full Festival Pass - 2,000/- Camp Package - 7,500/- Family Campout Package - 10,000/- Palace Package - 39,500/-
  • Organizer: Cobalt

goMAD is 3 days of music, arts, dance and camping out in the wilderness of the Nilgiris. It’s an annual music festival dedicated to the most eclectic motley of creative arts.From fusion rock to pop, electronica to metal, from whirling dancers to art installations, goMAD is a unique annual festival with no headlining acts – only a pure celebration of the arts. It’s a platform for musicians, artists and dancers. 36 hours of dancing in the moonlight and rocking through the dawn is a spiritual awakening that can break through barriers, move people and bring them together.


Day 1

The F16s The Down Troddence Sean Roldan and Friends Clown With a Frown Parvaaz Grey Shack 1001 Ways Sabelo Mthembu Girish and The Chronicles D’Sat Blind Image Blues Conscience Gravy Train Black Letters Live Banned Amayama Musica

Day 2

Nasi Campur Lucidreams Bombay Bassment Chronic Blues Circus Parikrama One Nite Stand Sky Rabbit Jeremiah Ferrari The Vinyl Records Jass B’stards Solder Kaivalya UNK Radha Thomas Baiju Dharmajan Noori B.L.O.T Natya and Stem Dance Kampni

Day 3

The Bicycle Days Vidwan Bevar Sea Agam Bala Bhaskar Emergence Tritha Electric Ska Vengers Prem Joshua and Band The Shakey Rays Virginia PCRC Inner Sanctum Sonam Kalra Veronica Nunes and Ricardo Vogt Natya and Stem Dance KampniB.L.O.T Shobhna Dance Company