The Humming Tree Presents Gowri and Srinjay

  • Location: The Humming Tree
  • Address: The Humming Tree, 12th Main Rd, Bangalore,
  • Entry: Free Entry

Gowri (Kozmi Cow) singer-songwriter, is a freak folk artist who writes songs that celebrate sadism, infidelity, cowardice, decadence, heartbreak, guilt, death, age, abortion, and other such joys
of life.

She released her debut album Sad Little Shoebox in August 2012, the month she decided to
end a 7-year-long relationship with her former career as a journalist. Having played across
the country in those seven years, she is currently a student at Swarnabhoomi Academy of
Music, and is working on her second album with The Jass B*stards, a Delhi-based jazz trio.

Joining her will be Srinjay Bannerjee, a guitarist and composer from Calcutta. Together they will perform some of Gowri’s compositions, as well as personalized interpretations of classic gypsy and blues tunes.