The Jass B’stards & The Vinyl Records at Elma’s Bakery, Delhi

  • Date / Time: 07/25/2015 : PM
  • Location: Elma's Bakery
  • Address: Elma's Bakery, Hauz Khas Village,New Delhi,India

The Jass B’stards

The band would like to make it known to all that:

1: they do not play jazz
2: they are not bastards
2: they are proud of not having attended Berklee School of Music
3: they play for neither Emperor Minge nor The Ska Vengers, even if it looks like they do
4: they stubbornly refuse to write a biography on their Facebook info page lest it be lifted wholesale to form the basis of an article and/or listings write ups by grammatically challenged and cliche spouting junior hacks.

The final word in beat circles, known to hipsters who know as the “heppest of hep”

The Vinyl Records

The Vinyl Records (aka TVR), is a 4 piece post punk-indie-rock band based in New Delhi that came together in Feb 2010. The band was formed by Banu, Minam and Mithy who all hail from Arunachal Pradesh. . the band was almost on a year hiatus from performing and meanwhile the girls started jamming and coming up with ideas.The final touch of the band came when they were joined by the present vocalist and keytarist Cheyyrian Bark from Assam in jan 2011. The band never looked back ever since, starting and promising to take Delhi by a bang in the year 2011!!The Vinyl Records (TVR) are making a whole lot of noise all their own, exciting the ears of India’s Rolling Stone, RSJ, Tehelka, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire magazine editors (who have featured TVR on their pages) in the process. Taking cues from musical inspirations such as CSS ,The clash,Strokes and the B-52’s TVR love to put on a show!TVR describe their sound as indie, post punk and the sound from new wave eras of 70s and 80s when analog and early digital sound was popular & fusing indie and post punk with a dash of glam rock kitsch with the keytar!The band had themselves featured on MTV F1 rocks 2011 and are among the 15 finalist of Rayban Never Hidesounds 2012.