The Ladakh Project at Indigo Live Music Bar, Bangalore

  • Date / Time: 09/12/2014 : 9:30 PM
  • Location: Indigo Live Music Bar
  • Address: Indigo Live Music Bar, Koramangala,Bangalore,Karnataka,India
  • Entry: Free

Consumed by the thought of capturing the enamor and the surreal beauty of Ladakh and amalgamating it with sublime sounds, the idea of this journey was born with the need to transfigure this experience into music and visuals.
The brainchild of SickFlip, this idea was then supported and taken forward by The Outbox Project, consisting of brilliant photographers, videographers and visual artists.

Writing exclusive original audio content in Ladakh along with capturing contrasting sounds of the land – from chants at various monasteries to rivers flowing with the wind, this project was deeply inspiring and explorative for the young electronic music producer SickFlip.

This was accompanied by a vast eclectic mix of visuals documented by The Outbox Project, like panoramic shots of the natural wonders that Ladakh offers – cold lakes, lush green landscapes never ending white sand deserts and places of religious and spiritual worship.
After days of capturing the essence of the land, visually and aurally, these elements were brought together to create what can only be called a deeply immersive audio-visual experience – The Ladakh Project.

About the Showcase :

This showcase will consist of music composed by SickFlip exclusively for this project, along with field recorded sounds from Ladakh. The musical performance will be accompanied by breathtaking video footage and stills captured at every step of the journey.

These moments will also be on display at the venue as still photography for sale, along with copies of the music album.

This show aims to offer a completely enveloping experience for the audience, which will linger along after they leave, having been a part of something hauntingly monumental.