The Silver Rave Feat Tomcraft at The Altius Hotel, Chandigarh

  • Date / Time: 12/08/2013 : 5:00 PM
  • Location: The Altius Hotel
  • Address: The Altius Hotel, Industrial Area Ph-II,Chandigarh,India
  • Entry: Rs. 500 - Rs. 2500

DJ TOMCRAFT – Ranked no 1 in progressive trance in the world on DJtunes!

Opening stage by the Chandigarh Legend “DJ Chinx“ / “Aaron James“ (All the way from New York)You`ve got to hand it to Tomcraft. After scoring one of the biggest club crossover hits of all time with the classic Loneliness in 2002 (UK Number 1, Germany Top 10 and huge sales the world over), he could have gone the easy sell-out route and churned out decreasingly respectable pop smashes. But instead, he relished the track`s success and the popularity that it afforded him and chose to return to the less mainstream side of dance music,creating one of the most popular and acclaimed electronic labels in the world in the form of Great Stuff Recordings in 2003 and continuing to produce quality music throughout the following years.

The Munich hero started out life as a trance DJ back in 1992, when the nascent genre was hugely popular in his native Germany. For a decade or so, he worked alongside fellow German producer Eniac as an explosive studio team, steadily building hype and acclaim with regular releases on the country`s famous Kosmo Record-ings amongst others. Following his breakthrough hit, they parted ways following some disagreements,and Tomcraft set about building his reputation in the underground scene further — with the launch of Great Stuff and subsequent signings of huge talents like Lutzenkirchen, Coburn, Oliver Koletzki, The Egg and Ramon Tapia.