The Sound of Fusion with Sattva Live at Swig, Pune

  • Date / Time: 03/26/2014 : 9:00 PM
  • Location: Swig Bar and Eatery
  • Address: Swig, Koregaon Park,Pune,Maharashtra,India
  • Entry: Free

The ensemble of musicians from diverse musical background started off as an Experimental Project few years back with different musicians from diverse parts of India Playing and Performing with different Bands and Genres – They came up with their own style of music which is difficult to name.

The band consists of:

– Derek Julien on Guitar – One of the Best Guitarist in India, making waves since 1967, he is into various Genres of Music ranging from Rock, Jazz, Blues, Fusion, Pop… (in short ‘whatever it takes’) to get the job done with very popular Bands from the ‘Mystiks’ days to ‘Waterfront’ to Progressive Bombay Band ‘Azure Hades’ to ‘Gary Lawyer’ and many more.

– Avinash on Violin – Has played and recorded with Karunesh, Prem Joshua, Chimmaya Dunster, Manish Vyas, Chinmaya Dunster & Niladri Kumar.

– Praashekh Borkar on ESarod – Classically trained from the age of seven under the guidance of his Father and Guru Pt. Shekhar Borkar, he takes over the ESarod: a crossover design between a Sarod and an Electric Guitar!

– Vatayan on Drums & Percussion – Been performing for Osho commune for the longest time plays with Artists and Bands like Milarepa, Prem Joshua, Manish Viyas, Nivedano, Naadbrahma, RLA, Bobby Cash, Lesle Lewis & Kavita Seth.